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The two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one in flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one seperate. Mark 10:6-9

The Ring

When you come To be Married .....

Christ’s Church Anglican Church Mandurah is the ideal place to celebrate a wedding:

Our clergy here at the Anglican Church in Mandurah absolutely love helping couples to celebrate on their wedding day. We have a beautiful, traditional Church full of stained glass windows and a wonderful sense of welcome. But of course we have so much more than that to offer. Being a Christian Church, all weddings celebrated uphold Christian values, standards and teachings: therefore couples receive the blessings of Almighty God upon their marriage. As Christians we believe that our Heavenly Father has promised to bless couples with a special unity in their marriage. In the Bible, Jesus tells us that: (Mark 10.6-9) “From the beginning of creation God made them male and female. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together: let no one separate.” This blessing from God: is symbolised during the service, by the Priest taking the hands of both the man and the woman and joining them together. Thus “the two become one”.  St Paul later points out that this “spiritual bond’, or joining together, implies a special relationship between equals and does not give one power or authority over the other. It is precious, and it is intended to be for life.

When celebrating a wedding, the Priest as celebrant, has in fact two roles to fulfill! On the one hand, the Priest is acting as a licensed agent of the Australian Government to ensure that the wedding is legally celebrated. While also, as a Priest they represent Almighty God in dispensing his blessings upon the couple: and really it’s the blessings that couples receive from God during the service which are of most importance, and will continue to enrich their relationship throughout their marriage.

The giving and receiving of rings at a wedding are another important symbolic action. Because they symbolise the eternal nature of the true love: that the man has for his wife, and the woman for her husband. Therefore the ring is meant to be a single band of metal, circular in shape, within which there is no join. Circular, and without a beginning or end! In the giving and receiving of the wedding rings, the couple pledge their eternal love for each other in the marriage relationship. They wear the rings as a constant sign of the pledge of love they have made to each other in their marriage vows.

Why should couples get married?


The bible tells us that from the beginning God intended for men and women to come together and live in a marriage relationship for three important reasons:


Because a loving marriage relationship, where couples are committed and faithful to each other, enables us each to find fulfilment in ourselves, knowing that they share in a stable and safe relationship they live happier lives.

Because a loving marriage relationship, provides the right and best environment for couples to give birth to and raise children. Children of a healthy marriage: are more likely to be healthy individuals themselves.

Because secure loving marriage relationships, make for a secure loving community: where God is honoured and everyone is respected.



Can anyone be married in the church? There is only one requirement of couples to be married in the church, and that is that one of them needs to have been baptised. They don’t necessarily need to have been baptised in the Anglican Church either, but could have been baptised in any of the Christian churches.

What happens if neither has been baptised? Our Priests would be more than happy to discuss the possibility of one or both being baptised in order for the wedding to be held in the church.

Can a divorced person be married in the church? Yes they can, with permission from the Bishop. Therefore this matter needs to be discussed with the Priest before dates and times for the service are set.

Does the wedding need to be held in the church? No, the church allows their Priests to celebrate weddings outside of the church building at locations that are of special significance to the couple.

Can we have the music of our choice at the wedding service? Yes, it can be live, or pre-recorded. We cater for several options at Christ’s Church as we have both a piano and organ, as well as a wonderful sound system.

What about flowers for the wedding? Yes, and again this is something that should be arranged when you meet with the Priest to begin to plan the service.

Can we have photographs and possibly a video taken during the service? Yes you can.

What about confetti, rice or flower petals? These are permitted outside the church when the couple leave at the end of the service: but not inside.

Can we decorate the inside of the church? Yes, this is allowed and the Parish has some decorations you might like to use to save costs.

Can the church bells be rung at weddings? Yes, again this is possible, but will need to be arranged with the Priest.

What does it cost to be married in the church? There are various charges for a wedding in the church, and the amount depends upon what you would like to have included in your service. For example, do you want to have the bells rung: as the bell ringers need to be paid. All of this will be discussed with you when you meet with the Priest and it is our desire to keep these charges as low as is possible.

How do I proceed now to talk with someone about this further, or to make arrangements for the wedding? Please fill out the on-line Wedding Application Form, below and press the submit button. Alternatively you could speak with the Parish Secretary by calling 08 9535 6152. We would love to hear from you and wish you all the very best for your wedding day.

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