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25 Nov 2023


This Sunday, on the evening of our celebration of Christ the King,we will launch the 2023 Christmas Bowl Appeal with a service a featuring our parish singing group The Soul Singers. Envelopes for giving to the Christmas Bowl appeal were included in last week's bulletin and more are available. You are encouraged to bring them to this special service and to place them in our Christmas Bowl.

25 Nov 2023


As we continue to hear of parishioners who have contracted Covid, please be mindful of your health and the health of all our parishioners.

25 Nov 2023


In accordance with Diocesan requirements, I advise that on 15th December I will be applying for an LLM Licence (Children and Youth) for Janis Rooke and Renae Barker.

Any comments or concerns regarding these proposed LLM licenses should be given to me or the parish wardens. Canon Ian Mabey

25 Nov 2023


After many years of service, Joy and Peter Norton will be retiring from the ministry of emptying the Op Shop bin on our church grounds and taking donations to the Op Shop. We are looking for one or more willing people to take on this ministry from mid-January 2024, twice a week. A key is provided to the bin. Please speak to Fr Ian if you feel able to take up this valuable ministry.

18 Nov 2023


Gathering of LLM ‘s, Welcomers, Sidespersons, and Readers

A gathering will be held on Wednesday 29th November at 5.30 pm in the church which all LLM’s, welcomers, sidespersons, and readers are asked to attend.

18 Nov 2023


Our parish advent study groups will commence meeting this coming week, on Mondays at 3 pm and on Tuesdays at 10.30 am. If you would like to attend one of these, please leave your name on the sheet at the back of the church.

The parish has 50 copies of the study “With Expectant Hearts” which can be followed.

The cost of the book is $8 each. These are now available at the back of the church.

18 Nov 2023


Mandurah Branch, Anglican Mothers Union Australia invites, The Parishioners of Christ’s Church to attend the unveiling of a Red Bench at Christ’s Church, Mandurah by the Anglican Bishop of Bunbury, Rt Revd Dr Ian Coutts

30th November 2023, 10am

Refreshments will follow

Rsvp or 9535 6152 by 24th November

18 Nov 2023


We have received expressions of interest from several young people who would like to be formally received into holy communion and will be arranging for this to occur in the new year. If you have children or grandchildren who may be interested in this, please let Fr. Ian know.

We also invite young people and adults to let Fr Ian know if they would like to be confirmed by Bishop Ian.

18 Nov 2023


The Bookshop now has 2024 Christian calendars with large squares for writing appointments. There are 2 styles, “Peaceful Gardens’ and ‘Proverbs’, only $5.00 each.

Christmas cards, diaries, planners, gifts, table decorations etc. are all available from your bookshop.

18 Nov 2023


We are in need of more help with the morning teas after 10 am service. If we have enough people it is only necessary to do it once a month and it is already with urns on and milk there etc. Dirty cups go in the dishwasher so it is all quite easy. Please phone me on 0417 970 850 if you feel you could help or speak to me after the service.

Maxine Fey

18 Nov 2023


A big thank you to all who supported the Harvest Festival. Special thanks to those who helped set up and dismantle the displays and clean up afterward. To Shirley and Gareth, Gail and Maisie for the craft sales ($441.40) for the Community Kitchen and preserve sales ($61.50) for YouthCare. Thanks to those who church sat and those who made donations of produce, packets, and cans all of which were delivered to the Community kitchen on Monday morning. Sincere thanks to all who contributed. Anne Still

18 Nov 2023


Can you please help us? Numbers in our Children’s Church are slowly building again and we are desperately looking for a couple more people to help us out as gatekeepers. should only mean being rostered on once a month. The task is not too onerous & is actually very fulfilling. Our young people are wonderful & we have great fun on a Sunday morning. Gatekeepers are support for the Storyteller & training will be given. Please prayerfully consider whether this could be for you & speak to me if you can possibly see yourself in this role. Sandy Targett 0407385818.

18 Nov 2023


The children’s Christmas Party will be held on Saturday 2nd December from 2 pm – 4 pm. This will be preceded by our final rehearsal for the Nativity starting at 1 pm.

If your child is involved in the Nativity, please arrive promptly for our rehearsal at 1 pm, so the start of the party won’t be delayed. The Nativity will be on Sunday 3rd December at our 10 am service.

There is a form at the back of the church for you to put your child/children’s names on if they are coming to the party. If their names are not on this list by Sunday 26th November, Father Christmas will not have a gift for them. There is also a form for you to let me know what child-friendly finger food you can supply for our party. Any questions please contact Sandy whose details are on the back of the pew sheet.

18 Nov 2023


This has been postponed and will now be held on 7th February 2024.

If you would like more information, please speak to Wendy in the parish office.

11 Nov 2023


Would you like to host an Advent Study in the church or in your home? Please speak to Canon Ian and let him know the date and time. At this stage, we will be having a study group on Mondays at 3 pm and on Tuesdays at 10.30 am. If you would like to attend one of these, please leave your name on the sheet at the back of the church.

The parish has 50 copies of the study “With Expectant Hearts” for our parishioners to purchase. The cost of the book is $8 each. These are now available at the back of the church.

The resource we are using invites us to explore more deeply what it means to allow God to come to birth with us. The spiritual nourishment God seeks to give us during this Advent time will come to birth in us through the entire year if we can open our hearts in response to it.

There is also a diocesan Advent Study Guide which has been produced. If you would like a copy of this document, please let the parish office know and it will be printed for you.

11 Nov 2023


Our mission giving for November “Christmas Bowl”

11 Nov 2023


Christmas Bowl Launch 26 November

Red Bench Unveiling 30 November

11 Nov 2023


New Parishioner A/Tea 11th Feb

Ash Wednesday 14th February

Easter Day 31st March

Autumn fete 20th April

FIAS Sunday 16th June

Spring fete 26th October

11 Nov 2023


3 Dec 10 am Children’s Nativity
17 Dec 5.30 pm Nine Lessons & Carols
20 Dec 6 pm Hyden Christmas Service
22-24 Dec Normal service times
24 Dec 6 pm Christmas Eve Eucharist
24 Dec 11 pm Midnight Eucharist
25 Dec 7.30 am Christmas Eucharist
25 Dec 9.30 am Christmas Eucharist

29—31 Dec Normal service times

22 Dec—3 Jan Parish Office will be closed

The Bookshop will close on Friday 23rd December and Reopen on Sunday 14th January

The Op Shop will close on Friday 16th December and reopen on Monday 15th January.

11 Nov 2023


Please note the change of store this year.

WHERE? Bunnings Warehouse, Halls Head
WHEN? Each day from Monday 11th through to Sunday 24th December.
WHY? To raise funds for the diocesan charity, Boniface Care.
WHO FOR? people in need in our diocese.
WHAT DO WE NEED? Volunteers to work at the wrapping base at the main entry forecourt.

You choose to do One 2 hour session, or multiple 2 hour sessions as set out on the sheets in the folder at the rear of the church. NOTE: 2 people must be on duty at all times. This is for your safety.

If you have any questions, ring or talk to our coordinators Julian & Maggie Goss, 0427 616 083.

11 Nov 2023


Thanks to the generosity of our parishioners in 2022 (when the program was cancelled) and again this year, we are in a position to help the up to 28 children in the Mandurah community who have one or more parents in prison who have applied for presents to be purchased on their behalf for this coming Christmas. Prison Fellowship is currently finalising the list through communication with carers. We have been informed that the women’s prisons and some of the men’s prisons chose not to participate this year. Prison Fellowship is currently sharing testimonials with local Angel Tree coordinators and others on their email list. We will publish one or more of these in the lead up to Christmas.

11 Nov 2023


Do you have a Working With Children Card? As of 1 July 2023 cardholders are required to notify the Working With Children Screening Unit if you have a change in name, residential address, contact details (including email and phone number), and working with children status. You can do this by logging into your WWC Account. If you don’t have a WWC account, you can register online at

This may be particularly relevant to those who have had recent changes to their emails.

6 Nov 2023


1. Gourmet Food Hamper - 241 - Brenda
2. Wine Package - 1191 - Carolyn Ball
3. Swales Mother of Pearl Pendant - 42 - Fr Joe
4. Pirate Ship Voucher - 1279 - Julia
5. Massage Voucher - 1036 - Steve Warfield
6. Christmas Hamper - 760 - Bill & Kay Robinson
7. Family Food Hamper - 288 - Marie
8. Bunnings Voucher - 494 - Susan Lazenby
9. Coles Voucher - 175 - Kerry Luff
10. Kmart - 757 - Bill & Kay Robinson
11. 7 Trees Package - 829 - Janine
12. Bubbles & Bucket - 292 - Bill Hatch
13. Children’s Blanket & Toy - 580 - Dot Lloyd
14. Wine & Tumblers - 217 - Brianna Jackson
15. Wine & Tumblers - 1037 - June Turvey
16. Casserole & Frypan - 680 - Shelley Lockyer
17. Cookery Book & Knife Set - 405 - Adrienne
18. Knife Set - 640 - Jason Fey
19. Knife Set - 1210 - Aneka Garner
20. 6 Hi Ball Glasses - 986 - Mike Burgess
21. Tea Pack - 880 - Jill Smith
22. Kitchen Aid Dishes - 73 - Judy Davis
23. Christmas Dish & Candles - 740 - Karen Starkey
24. Sukin Box - 169 - Jan Gallop
25. Blanket & Diffuser - 730 - Maureen Randall
26. Photo Album & Frame - 532 - Rose Leach
27. Pamper Set & Handbag - 328 - Cate McGowan
28. Black Handbag & Stole & Necklace - 747 - Len Starkey
29. Black Handbag & Pearls - 15 - Gary Yates
30. Forever Lovely Bag & Beads - 1120 - J Darwen
31. Pink Handbag & Beads - 190 - K Colston
32. Man Pack - 471 - Bellinda Devine
33. Sheet Set - 210 - Val McClements
34. Coffee Expresso Set - 845 - Deb Hunt
35. Jigsaw & Games - 953 - Bertha Wincey
36. Stain Glass Picture - 281 - Helen
37. Mindful Mugs - 834 - Peter Smyth
38. Silver Wine Bag - 255 - Elna Adams
39. Cookery Books - 136 - Glenis Winton
40. Gardening Books - 1342 - Simone
41. Silver Make Up Basket - 1109 - Rev Jacqui
42. Green Rug & Body Wash - 418 - Teena Rand
43. Perfume & Soap - 1128 - Dianne
44. Scented Oil Burner - 867 - Jill Smith
45. Perfume & Green Tea Spray - 1021 - Deb Hunt
46. Pamper Body Set - 105 - Sue Snow
47. Foot Care Set - 78 - Shelley Lockyer
48. Dish Set - 333 - Rev Hilary
49. Pink Basket - 286 - Carol R
50. Tropical Escape - 557 - Frank Hambly
51. Bath Fizzer Trio - 586 - Lorraine Palmer
52. Cleaning Set - 616 - Doreen
53. She Aromatherapy - 947 - Judy Trembath

4 Nov 2023


Covid continues to spread in our community and each week we become aware of parishioners who have become ill. Please continue to be conscious of the need for caution and the need to maintain appropriate care for yourself and others and to uphold good hygiene practices to minimise the risk of infection.

4 Nov 2023


Fr Ian will be away at clergy conference from Monday—Wednesday during the coming week. Fr Alex will be in the parish on Monday and Tuesday. Our wardens will be available for any urgent matters.

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