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Tear Australia is a Christian relief and development agency supporting projects in places of great need. The parish has received some useful gift catalogues for you to look at. By purchasing gift from the catalogue you can make a difference to these communities. The catalogues may be found in the church foyer for you to look at.


Where? Halls Head Bunnings.
When? Each day from Monday 9th December until Tuesday 24th, Christmas Eve.
Why? To raise funds for the work of Boniface Care, among the needy throughout our Peel district.
What do we need from you? To volunteer to do wrapping in the forecourt of Bunnings in Halls Head.

Day is divided into 2 hour slots - 5 slots per day. Jenny and I will be responsible for the first slot, (7am to 9am), and the last slot, (5pm to 7pm.)We will supply all the Christmas wrapping paper, dispensers with sticky tape and scissors. Two people are needed for each time slot, (for safety reasons). If you need further information please ask Jenny or I in person, or by phone:9323. If you are able to help please enter your name(s) and your phone number on the ruled-up sheets at the rear of the church. Multiple time-slots and/or days are very welcome. Jenny, Shirley or I will be filling any gaps as needed. NB:Last year our parish raised over $4,000 for Boniface Care with our Christmas Wrapping. Thank you and God bless, Jenny & Graeme Wise Shirley Abbott

Some helpers are needed for the 08:15am service as Welcomer, Sides Person, Readers and Money Counters on the first Sunday of the month. If you would like to assist, would you please contact John Geoghegan by email, or phone 0423 76 3076

You don’t need to be physically strong, mathematical or musical, only reasonably well coordinated, age isn’t important you just need to be willing and able to take up the physical challenge. All the initial training is done one-on-one until you can ring a bell competently. Then you join the rest of the band for practice, where you learn to ring as part of the team. Having achieved this we ask you to join us for ringing on a Sunday. Bell ringing is very much a team effort and there is a wonderful feeling of achievement on completion of a good piece of ringing. There are seven other bell towers in WA and, if you travel in Australia or around the world, you will have an instant connection with the local community by turning up for Sunday service ringing or a practice night at the local belltower. I would welcome the opportunity to explain to you ‘what’ we ring and ‘why’ we ring it. So why not just drop by the Ringing Room on a Sunday morning or on a Tuesday evening, we’re there from 1900-2030 and have a chat. Or you can call me on 0412 199 956 or Janine the Deputy Tower Captain on 0417 986 562 for a chat. Thank you for reading but please come along and help us to keep YOUR bells ringing. Roger Tower Captain


As has been reported over the last month the Organ will be moved on a trial basis to the back of the church. The date set out for this move is the afternoon of Sunday the 17th of November. The man from Allen’s Organs, who sold us the Organ in 2010, will be on hand to oversee the move. What we need is 3-4 beefy blokes to stand around and grunt when hard work is in the offering. Short of that if you think you could spare an hour or so from 1.00pm Sunday the 17th to help it would be much appreciated. Please speak to Fr Ian if you can help out.


Visitors welcome – parents please Introduce your child to today’s teachers. Today's Story – HOLY FAMILY

TEENS (11+)
Meet in the Meeting Room off the passage. An age appropriate discussion of the Gospel reading and preparation for our role as worship team once a month

MISSION GIVING FOR The month of November 2019 is TEAR fund Money donated through the mission section of your envelopes will go this month to TEAR fund. Envelopes for giving are available.

HELP Over the months of October to mid- December Rev Cheryl, Fr Ian and Dianne (our parish secretary) will be on leave or long service leave. From time to time we will be short handed in the office. If any one could spare time to help out please contact Fr.Ian


The Foundation for Ministry Fund is an invaluable resource that has supported ministry and mission initiatives in our Diocese for over thirty years. People have given faithfully to this fund. The collection from each Ordination and Recognition service also goes towards the fund. We now need to increase the fund in order to help more ordained and lay people with training costs, to support more mission initiatives across the diocese, and continue to support some existing ministry. At the moment we have no extra financial resources for any mission initiatives or for lay training. Most of our Ordinands pay themselves for their theological training but not all can afford to do this. We are re-launching the Ministry Foundation Fund on this Christ the King Sunday, 24 November. Leaflets will be available at your Parish and you will be able to choose which part of the Fund you would like to give to or nominate that the funds can be used where ever most needed.

Sharing the joy of Christmas with local Children. Our parish is partnering with Prison Fellowship Australia in the Angel Tree Program. We would like to support 10 children this year in the greater Mandurah area who will be separated from their parent / grandparent at Christmas by giving them a present on behalf of their family member. To do so


Notices for the pew bulletin can be emailed to by 5: 00 pm Wednesdays.

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