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In line with the restrictions announced by the Australian Government, the Bookshop is closed until further notice.

The Parish runs a Christian Book shop which is situated in the Church and stocks the following items:
Bibles , Study Bibles , Concordances , Commentaries ,Bible Dictionaries , Anglican Prayer Books , Hymn books , Christian non-fiction and fiction books , Children’s Christian books , Bible carry cases , Christian greeting cards Religious and sacramental items , Wooden Crosses

The Book shop is open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 1:30pm. It is also open on Sundays between Services

Cnr Sholl Street,
Pinjarra Road ,
Mandurah, 6210
Tel: (08)9535-6152

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Contact Us

Parish Office: 08 9535 6152
Postal Address: PO Box 203
  WA 6210
Physical Address: Corner of Sholl and Pinjarra Road
  Mandurah 6210
  Western Australia


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